What will you eat after store shelves go empty?

You can now have a bundle of heirloom tomatoes, a head of lettuce, two ears of corn, a large melon and so on for just ONE penny each.

We sell heirloom seeds in bulk, cheap!


Without a long term food solution, YOU will starve or become a slave. The NWO scientists are genetically modifying seeds to make us sick. Sick people are easy to control. See what you are eating.


You need the insurance of having thousands of pounds of healthy food because the store shelves will soon go empty and money will become worthless. Growing your own food will determine how much freedom you will have and your level of suffering. Growing food is simple and easy using my Secret Patriot Garden System. Bulk food is great but is only a temporary answer, not a long term solution.


These are all-natural seeds, original strains of garden food non-hybrid, not genetically modified. Most of these seeds date back 150 years. Unlike hybrid GM seeds that are sterile and lack nutrition, heirloom offspring seeds can be saved and grown later. Important when people are starving!

  • 20 Grow Anywhere RARE Heirloom Seed varieties.
  • 6,000 Heirloom Seeds
  • Nearly 3 Pounds of Rare Heirloom Seeds
  • We ship orders within 5 days.

You don't need to be a seasoned gardener
to be able to grow your own food. Until the industrial revolution, everyone grew their own food. If we intend to prosper, we must rediscover gardening.

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Rutgers Tomato - 400 seeds of this popular garden variety. Its flavor for slicing and cooking is unequaled.
Marglobe Tomato - 400 seeds. Very early table variety, suitable for greenhouses or fields. Very vigorus and produces large, flat fruit that weighs about 200 g. Deep red flesh has a good consistency and flavor.
Black Seeded Lettuce - 800 seeds - Large upright heads with a compact leaf-type, this lettuce is light green, wide, and has curled leaves. Very early, dependable, and productive. Very heat tolerant and slow to bolt. 45 days.
Purple Plum Radish - 400 seeds - Firm white flesh, crisp, sweet and mild. This all season raddish is never pithy or hot.
Scarlet Nantes Carrot - 400 seeds - Fresh market, processing or finger carrots. Slow bolting, to give you a long harvest.
White Sweet Spanish Onion - 400 seeds - Mild, sweet and tasty. White fleshed, with a thin neck. Good Winter keeper. Produces fruits weighing 1 lb. 110 days. [Onion seed may be swapped out for spinach or cabbage upon request.]
Detroit Dark Red Beet - 300 seeds - A top quality canning and pickling beet. Robust flavor.
Crookneck Summer Squash - 300 seeds - Low growing, bushy plant produces a butter-yellow 8 long fruit with bulbous seed cavity and thin curving neck. Skin may be bumpy. Turns darker yellow as it gets larger. 42 days.
White Wonder Cucumber - 250 seeds - Popular for slicing and pickling. Fruit is normally 4-6 long and has a natural white color. 60 days.
Hales's Best Melon - 300 seeds - The fruit weighs 5 to 6 pounds, wish very sweet flesh. Seed cavity is small and the rind reasonably thin, with heavy netting and a slight ribbed shape. Delicious melon is strongly scented, very juicy, but solid. Grows on strong vines that spread widely. 86 days.
Waltham Squash - 300 seeds - Exceptional yields and better flavor than many other butternuts. 3-4 lb fruit with very small seed cavity, so much more flesh per fruit. Sweet flesh is never watery. Harvest when skins cannot be pierced with a fingernail. Reliable, productive, long-keeper and flavour improves with storage. 105 days.
Connecticut Field Pumpkin - 75 seeds - A good multi-purpose pumpkin for pies, baking, stews and canning. Slightly flattened globe.
Black & White Calypso Bean - 300 seeds - One of the all time best for baking and soups. Strong 15" plants, round black and white seeds with contrasting eye. Averages 4-5 seeds per pod. Productive, bush habit. 70-90 days.
Rattlesnake Bean - 300 seeds - Distinctive 7-8" dark green pods that are streaked with purple. Very fine flavor. Good resistance to drought. Light-buff seeds are splashed with dark-brown, resembles a rattlesnakes coloration. Vines will grow to 10' tall. Pole habit, 60-90 days.
Painted Pony Bean - 300 seeds - A great dual-purpose bean. Long thin pods are stringless and good for snap beans. One of the best for soups, retains markings. Very productive. Bush habit. 60 days for snaps, 80 days for dry beans.
Imperator Carrot - 300 seeds - This beautiful large carrot. Sweet and tender carrot does best in loose soils. Measures 1-1 1/2 at the top and tapers 8-9 to a point. Flesh is deep orange color. 75 days.
Mayflower Bean - 300 seeds - Brought over on the Mayflower in 1620, followed by a long history of being circulated in the Carolinas. Cutshort-type, which are prized for great flavor, despite strings. Short pods are packed with small square seeds. Very productive, and good as a dry bean. Pole habit. 100 days.
Black Valentine Bean - 300 seeds - If you want the best black bean, the Black Valentine heirloom is it. All black beans turn purplish after cooking and have a meaty texture and rich, nutty flavor.
Butterscotch Bean - 300 seeds - These beans are white with a big light brown spot around the eye. They date back to the 1860's in New England, where they were famously used for "Boston Baked Beans".
Red & White Calypso Bean - 300 seeds - This rare heirloom bean has survived many hardships. It is half-white and half-red with distinctive sharp boundaries that curve around the bean. Blends well with fresh corn.

We reserve the right to switch out up to 3 of the varieties
we feature here with a coparable heirloom seed, due to ineventory issues.


This is a 7-year solution, NOT a springtime answer!
6,000 heirloom seeds - 20 different varieties
Enough to feed a family for 3-1/2 years
If you save seed each year, you'll have an endless supply of healthy garden seed.

This is for survivalists, homesteaders, home gardeners
and anyone wanting to grow your OWN food.
You are either prepared or not prepared.

Exclusive 100 year Time Capsule
container for your rare vegetable heirloom seeds.

Just $99.95 plus $10.05 S&H, plus $15 for indestructible time capsule - total $125.00
We can't get any lower than this without losing money.
We buy in massive bulk and sell in bulk to you.

If you buy 6,000 rare heirloom seeds anywhere else you'll pay over $4 each for the 300 envelopes with 20 seeds inside. I buy 50 gallon drums straight from the organic heirloom farmers and package them here in my small, inexpensive building SO YOU CAN HAVE THEM AT THIS INCREDIBLE PRICE OF ABOUT A PENNY EACH. Or 500% cheaper than the genetically-modified, hybrid and sterile seeds at Walmart. Think about it...a penny for every watermelon, head of lettuce and bundle of tomatoes.

"Our competition charges .10 cents to $1.25 per seed,
for these same heirloom varieties. I charge less than 2 pennies each."
"That means you'll have a delicious melon, a bundle of tasty tomatoes, and a giant watermelon all for about a penny each! Cut your grocery bill by 90%."

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We reserve the right to switch out some varieties
due to inventory availability

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Feed the soil, and the soil will feed the plant, and the plant will feed you.
Growing a garden is much easier than you think.
Be free and grow your own healthy food.

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